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Pieter sat nervously at the dinner table, his father, a stern police officer, was just finishing his meal. The images from the television were still fresh in Pieter's mind, and he knew he had to speak up.

"Dad," Pieter began, his voice trembling slightly, "I saw something on the television today... about Soweto."

His father looked up, his expression hardening. "What about it?" he asked.

Pieter took a deep breath. "The children... they were protesting because they want to learn in English, not Afrikaans. But the police... they... they shot at them, Dad."

His father sighed, setting down his cutlery. "Pieter, those people were causing trouble. The police were just doing their job."

"But they're just children, Dad. They were unarmed. They just want to learn," Pieter protested, his voice growing stronger.

His father was silent for a moment. "Pieter, the world isn't as simple as you think. Those people... they're different from us."

Pieter felt a surge of frustration. "But how, Dad? How are they different? Just because their skin is darker? Because they speak a different language? They're just like us. They have dreams, they want to learn, they want a better life."

His father looked at him, his expression softening. "Pieter, you're young. There are things you don't understand."

"But I want to understand, Dad," Pieter said earnestly. "I want to understand why things are the way they are. And I want to know if they can be different."

His father was silent for a long time. Finally, he said, "Pieter, maybe... maybe they can be. But change... change is hard, son. And it takes time."

Pieter nodded, feeling a small glimmer of hope. "I understand, Dad. But I think it's time for change. And I want to be a part of it."

Quelle: KI zur Unterrichtsgestaltung nutzen – Am Thema Apartheid

Mit einer kostenlosen Text-to-Speech Webseite die Audiodatei erstellt. Hiervon gibt es sehr viele auf dem Markt, ich habe verwendet.

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Listening comprehension Aufgaben


Füge ebenfalls 6 einfache Listencomprehension Aufgaben hinzu. 
Zielsprache ist Englisch


Here are six simple listening comprehension questions designed to assess basic understanding of the dialogue:

  1. What is the main topic of the conversation between Pieter and his father?
  2. Where does the conversation take place?
  3. What specific event do Pieter and his father discuss?
  4. How does Pieter feel about the event?
  5. What is Pieter’s father’s profession?
  6. What solution or opinion does Pieter’s father offer regarding the event?


Create a few multiple choice questions


Given the context and themes of the listening text you’re using for your lesson, here are a few multiple choice questions designed to assess comprehension and critical thinking:

  1. What issue is being discussed in the conversation between Pieter and his father?
  • A) The benefits of new technology in education.
  • B) A protest that took place in Soweto.
  • C) A recent sports event.
  • D) The opening of a new restaurant.
  1. How does Pieter’s father view the actions of the police?
  • A) He strongly criticizes them.
  • B) He believes they were unnecessary.
  • C) He supports them as necessary for maintaining order.
  • D) He has no opinion on the matter.
  1. What emotion does Pieter most likely feel during the conversation?
  • A) Joy.
  • B) Indifference.
  • C) Frustration.
  • D) Excitement.
  1. According to the dialogue, what is Pieter’s father’s profession?
  • A) A teacher.
  • B) A police officer.
  • C) A journalist.
  • D) A doctor.
  1. What is the main conflict in the conversation?
  • A) Disagreement on a family matter.
  • B) Different views on the societal issue discussed.
  • C) Planning a holiday trip.
  • D) Choosing a restaurant for dinner.

Weiterführende Aufgabenformate


Du bist Englischlehrer und bereitest Unterrichtsmaterial für deine Englischstunde vor.
Du musst Material für den Skill “Listening” erstellen. 

- Entwickle einen spannende Aufgaben zum Listening Text. siehe Link für das Transkript

Vorgaben für die Aufgaben: 
- B1 Niveau
- die Aufgaben sollen präzise auf Englisch formuliert sein.
- Alle 3 Anforderungsbereiche sollen bedient werden
- Einige Aufgaben sollen kreativtät erfordern


  1. Comprehension Questions (Understanding the text):
  • Describe the relationship between Pieter and his father.
  • What was the issue discussed on television that Pieter brings up?
  • How does Pieter’s father justify the police actions?
  1. Critical Thinking Questions (Analyzing and interpreting the text):
  • Why do you think Pieter feels strongly about the children’s protest?
  • Discuss the father’s viewpoint. Do you think it’s influenced by his profession?
  • What does this conversation reveal about the society they live in?
  1. Creative Task (Applying the text in a new context):
  • Write a diary entry from Pieter’s perspective expressing his thoughts after the conversation.
  • Imagine a follow-up conversation where Pieter talks to a friend about this dialogue. Role-play this conversation in pairs.
  • Create a short speech or a letter from Pieter advocating for change in his society, using arguments he might have learned from this discussion.
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