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Du bist Englischlehrer und bereitest Unterrichtsmaterial für deine Englischstunde vor.
Du musst Material für den Skill “Reading” erstellen. 

- Entwickle einen Sprachmittlung Aufgabe zum Thema “ Shopping on an Indian Market”

Vorgaben für den Text: 
- Deine Textgrundlage soll auf Englisch verfasst sein
- dein Text soll 600 Wörtern betragen
- Setze ein Story Frame für die Aufgabe
- Textsprache ist Englisch 
- B1 Niveau
- Interessanter Text mit kulturellen Begebenheiten

 Erstelle Aufgaben zum Text mit dem Ziel Reading Comprehension zu üben. 
- die Aufgaben sollen präzise auf Englisch formuliert sein.
- Alle 3 Anforderungsbereiche sollen bedient werden


Für deine Englischstunde zum Thema „Shopping on an Indian Market“ kannst du folgenden Text verwenden, der auf dem Niveau B1 verfasst ist und 600 Wörter umfasst. Der Text bietet einen kulturellen Einblick in das Einkaufen auf einem indischen Markt und ist in einem interessanten Story-Frame verfasst.

Text: A Day at the Indian Market

Early in the morning, Emma, a young tourist, found herself walking through the bustling lanes of an Indian market. The sun was just rising, casting a golden glow over the myriad of stalls and shops. She was amazed by the vibrant colors and the rich scents of spices and flowers in the air.

As she wandered, Emma saw stalls piled high with fresh fruits and vegetables, their colors bright against the morning light. She heard vendors calling out prices, their voices mingling with the chatter of the crowd. A spice seller caught her attention, his stand a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances. He smiled and offered her a sample of turmeric, explaining its uses in Indian cooking.

Further along, Emma came across a fabric stall. The shopkeeper, an elderly woman with a warm smile, showed her beautiful sarees in silk and cotton. Emma learned that each pattern and color had a meaning and was specific to a region in India. The shopkeeper shared stories about the traditions behind the fabrics.

Nearby, a jewelry stall displayed intricate gold and silver pieces. Emma marveled at the craftsmanship and learned about the significance of different designs in Indian culture. The jeweler, noticing her interest, explained the process of making these pieces and the importance of jewelry in Indian weddings.

Feeling hungry, Emma stopped at a food stall selling street snacks. She tried samosas and jalebis, savoring the flavors that were so different from her home. The stall owner told her about the ingredients and methods used in preparing these popular snacks.

Before leaving, Emma bought some souvenirs: spices, a piece of fabric, and a small piece of jewelry. She left the market with a deeper appreciation of Indian culture and a desire to explore more.

Aufgaben zum Text „A Day at the Indian Market“

  1. Verständnisfragen (Anforderungsbereich I):
    • What time of day did Emma visit the Indian market?
    • Name two items that Emma saw at the spice stall.
    • Describe the sarees that the shopkeeper showed Emma.
  2. Analysefragen (Anforderungsbereich II):
    • How do the colors and scents of the market contribute to the atmosphere described in the text?
    • Discuss the cultural significance of the jewelry mentioned in the text.
    • What does Emma’s interaction with the food stall owner reveal about Indian street food?
  3. Bewertungs- und Reflexionsfragen (Anforderungsbereich III):
    • In your opinion, what might be the challenges and rewards of shopping in a market like the one Emma visited?
    • Reflect on the importance of understanding cultural practices and traditions when visiting a new place, as shown in Emma’s experiences.
    • How does the market experience contribute to Emma’s understanding of Indian culture? Would you like to have a similar experience?

Diese Aufgaben sollen die Schüler*innen dazu anregen, den Text genau zu lesen, ihn zu analysieren und kritisch über das Gelesene nachzudenken, was grundlegende Fähigkeiten im Bereich Reading Comprehension fördert.

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